About iPLUS TV

The silver screen has witnessed great changes over the years. The size of the screen might have become bigger and flatter, but this medium of infotainment is being seen today as the root of all evil in the society. Many research studies have revealed the negative impact of television on society, particularly on children, adolescents and women. Today, television has become a threatening agent to the traditional social values. The majority of people today are of the view that the television is responsible for the violence, consumerism, and misinformation.

But, it is also an undeniable fact, that the TV has great potential to bring changes in the life and the iPlus TV has entered into the market with a vision to make people’s life better by producing healthy contents based on ethics.

iPlus TV is a free to air family TV channel, promoted by the iPlus Telemedia private limited, a Mumbai based Media Company. This is an Islamic channel to air programmes on socio-cultural, entertainment, educational and religious issues for the target audience of Urdu and Hindi speaking communities. The USP of the iPlus TV is “Behtar Zindagi ke liye" (FOR BETTER LIFE), which the channel tries to attain through the delivery of healthy and useful information and knowledge required for this world and hereafter. The channel always tries to provide its target audience with engaging and informative television and creating a whole new genre. The mission of iPlus TV is to promote ethical values in the society, which is depleting from everybody’s life.

Besides programmes on religion the iPlus TV telecasts programmes on different social issues like Begging, Family Planning, Farmers’ suicide, Drugs, Corruption, crime against women etc. The channel is duly approved and licensed by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India and it is available on many of the cable Operators platform across the country.


OUR MISSION is to augment the lives of people by enriching the mind and nourishing the spirit through ethical and moral values and inspire them to adopt a healthy life style based on religious and cultural ethos. We also intend to help our viewers in getting rid of various socio-economic quandaries through our shows. Our endeavor is to be the voice and conscience of the people of India.


We are the most exhilarating provider of information, knowledge and real life experiences. We want to be a leading Media Group in near future. We want to see us as to:

  • become an educative and informative media for the Urdu & Hindi speaking community.
  • make available a supportive platform to create awareness about the social issues and opportunities available in India for development.
  • redefine the market place for airtime buyers where brand owners are provided with new and exciting ways to market their products and services.


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