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The Prophet (pbuh) said that, every nation has its fitnah (trial or temptation), and the fitnah of my ummah is wealth. In today’s materialistic world, many of us don’t hesitate to commit grave sins to mint money.

Today, people don’t take care of moral judgments about right and wrong, while doing a business. Decisions are taken with a view to make money only. Nobody cares about ethics and principles concerning business.

Apart from this; the interest based businesses have also posed serious threats on the healthy transactions of trade.  

So, it was an urgent need to acquaint people about Allah’s commandment and to warn people of the consequences of making money from unethical and immoral means.

In this program, the ethics and principles of business are being described in a very interesting manner with a view to teach a Muslim, the fundamentals of trade and commerce in Islam and how to trade ethically.

व्यापार और निवेश के संबंधित हलाल और हराम पहलुओं के बारे में जानकारीऔर इस्लामी बैंकिंग के बारे में जानने के लिए देखिये तिजारत के इस्लामी उसूल ।